Marijuana and Fitness Do Not Mix

Are you trying to get fit? Are you training for a fitness event? Are you using marijuana?


It seems to be a common idea that using marijuana to relax will not interfere with your training. Marijuana most definitely WILL interfere with your training, regardless of your current fitness level or degree of drug use.

Marijuana releases many harmful chemicals into the user’s body. These chemicals alter your moods, mental alertness, physical responsiveness, and even lung capacity. Actually smoking of any kind inhibits your lung capacity. Last I checked, you need good lung capacity in order to take part in physical activities without, I don’t know, passing out.

Besides, maintaining a marijuana habit distracts you from your training. When you aren’t high, you’re probably thinking about how or when you will next get high. This can really compromise your focus, especially if you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. A marijuana habit also costs a significant amount of money. Couldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere? Like purchasing supplements or equipment for your training? Or even buying gas to get to the gym?

The short version of all of this is that marijuana is most definitely a destructive drug that should not be used – particularly by aspiring or professional athletes. Athletes should refrain from its use because of its mind-altering effects, the effect it has on your wallet, and most importantly the effect it can have on your health. It just isn’t worth it.

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